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Neurofeedback is a non-invasive computer-based training program to improve brain function where EEG technology is used. This involves placing electrodes at select sites on the head to measure and analyze brain waves. Each EEG point corresponds to a part in the brain which governs certain brain functions.


At the root of our thoughts, actions, sensations and emotions are electrical impulses called brain waves. Their activity can be detected through very sensitive electrodes. This activity is translated by the computer for the individual to visualize and hear. During a session, a program, much like a video game, is run on a screen that the individual, with sensors attached to his brain, is facing. This allows the individual’s underperforming or overactive areas his brain to be retrained to reach its optimal functioning.


There are no vibrations that come through the sensors. The changes occur from the feedback the individual receives from the visual or audio cues on the screen. Over time, similar to exercising on a treadmill, the brain then develops ‘muscles’ in the form of more neuronal connections, and encourages neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to adapt and change.​ Reaching this point takes at least 10-20 neurofeedback sessions and can take up to 60 sessions. Each session typically lasts for approximately 20-25 minutes. This change is similar to the incremental results in one’s physique brought about by regular exercise.​

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Neurofeedback addresses different parts of the brain with associated functions such as speech, memory, pain, calmness, motor functions, decision making, focus and many more. It is also a very effective non-pharmaceutical intervention for being anxious and overwhelmed, depressed and even sleepless. It can be used to de-stress, improve sleep and allow people to be their best no matter what the circumstances may be. With neurofeedback, high performers can achieve sharper focus, enhanced mood and make better decisions.

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