Join our one-time workshop class happening every last thursday of the month to learn self-help techniques on how you can deal with stressful situations, difficulty sleeping, overthinking, anxious feelings, or the need to uplift your mood.


Experience essential oils on a whole new level, where the combination of aromas and meditation can help bring your bodies to a state of calm and relaxation. Aroma Meditation is a practice that can support our wellbeing by transforming our emotions to reach a positive state.

Our certified aromatherapists will facilitate the workshop where you can learn to incorporate powerful aromas, mindfulness, and breathing techniques into your days, and provide what you need to be able to practice at home.

Workshops happen every last Thursday of the month at 5PM. Register below to book a slot now!


VPH, 50 years old

"We recently lost our beloved fur baby of 12 years. I have been going through grief like a lost child. After the Aroma Meditation session, I was able to bring myself to a space of peace and acceptance.

Grief comes in waves and it helped to be in a session with other people even if we didn't talk about what we were all going through individually. The guided Aroma Meditation was really helpful."

JLG, 60 years old

"I felt great! and the effects 'carried over' to the next few days. Seriously. Actually, I had a 'dramatic' domestic interlude just an hour after, and the immediate effects allowed me to observe the crisis objectively from a very calm perspective. Although the 'interlude' was a 'rude awakening', the session provided an effective buffer."

TAA, 52 years old

"The aroma meditation session gave me a chance to look and see about how else I can use essential oils for overall well being, not just a modality for physical needs but as a way for me to help calm my inner being. It's something that I have never explored aside from the usual diffusion that I do. It's a new way for me to manage my emotional and mental wellbeing!"


For appointments and inquiries, please contact: +63 919 896 5491 / +63 945 527 8090