This center is the first branch of MAGIS Creative Spaces in Ayala Alabang and a collaboration with MindWorks  Center for Mind Health, Makati.

Founded by ‘long-lost’ cousins Gina Alfonso and Jose Luis Garriz  (Jos)  who discovered their common interest in mindfulness and healing that started over 30 years ago because of the works of Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nat Hanh, particularly the book “Peace is Every Step” and "The Miracle of Mindfulness," which Jos lent Gina in 1988.

Learning about mindfulness through Thich Naht Hanh in combination with Ignatian Spirituality's invitation to be a person-for-others contributed greatly to leading Gina to her life’s work of being an educator, psychotherapist and expressive arts practitioner.  In the course of her ongoing work as educator-mental health clinician abroad and in the Philippines specializing in addressing trauma,  Gina learned about how neurofeedback is not only one of the most effective treatments for PTSD and complex/developmental trauma, but also a non-invasive way to ‘train one’s brain’ to optimize it’s full potential.

In 2013 she founded MAGIS (Make Art that Gives and Shapes the World) Creative Spaces as a center for healing and education for people of all ages. Two years ago, MAGIS was approached by a Philippine Neurofeedback franchise owner that offered neurofeedback as one of its therapeutic  services. Jos, a friend and former band mate of the franchise owner, decided to try neurofeedback for himself. This put him back in touch with Gina.

Gina and Jos, both entrepreneurs, and firm believers in the power of mindfulness in healing, then decided to join forces in making mental health services more accessible in the south of Manila. Both coming from families that have had their share of stress and trauma, Gina and Jos have first hand experience, like most people, in the power of healing through forgiveness, loving-kindness, acceptance, compassion and gratitude.  This forms the foundation of this venture that marries MAGIS and MindWorks. And this is their goal: to provide an inclusive place where brain-wise, creative, healing approaches are available not only to children, but for people of all ages, as well.  It is their hope that here, ALL feel welcome, experience nourishment, relief, acceptance, safety and growth.

Our Management Team

Jose Luis A. Garriz

Josel earned his bachelor's from De La Salle University in Communication Arts. He is President of Dubricon Manufacturing and Marketing Corporation in Canlubang, Laguna. He is  an entrepreneur, a ceramic artist, runner, surfer, musician. His interest in psychology started in the early 90's when introduced to proponents of the Men's Movement: Joseph Campbell, Michael Meade, Sam Keen. This led him to Gurdjief and Tibetan Buddhism. He believes in growing the accessibility of services that contribute to healing and wellness.  As a proponent of physical fitness (running and water sports), Josel shares his love for running with others who are looking to build a stronger sense of self through the development of a sense of self-mastery over one's body.

Gina A. Alfonso

Gina is a teacher, a licensed mental health clinician and a board certified art/expressive arts therapist. Gina's life and work as an educator - therapist is anchored in Ignatian Spirituality.  As an educator for the past 30 years, her work primarily focuses on making early childhood education opportunities accessible to indigenous peoples in the Philippines through Cartwheel Foundation, Inc. She is also President of The Learning Child School, Inc. in Ayala Alabang where she developed its Inclusion Program for Children with Special Needs. As a clinician for the past 15 years she has been in private practice abroad and technical consultant to Save the Children, International where she led the development and implementation of a psychosocial support program that serves almost 15 countries in post-disaster/post conflict contexts to date.  Through this new branch of MAGIS Therapies in combination with neurofeeback therapy, she hopes to work to make more mental health and developmental therapies accessible to all.

Our Clinical Team

Dr. Gina A. Alfonso, ATR-BC, LCPAT

Head Clinician

Licensed and Board Certified Art Psychotherapist

M.S.Ed., Fordham University, New York, NY, USA

M. A. Mental Health Counseling, Art Therapy Specialization,

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Doctoral Candidate, Expressive Arts in Education, Therapy, Consulting, Coaching and Social Transformation, European Graduate School

Dr. Cheryl Mae P. Ramirez, MD

Neurotherapist & Consultant

General Medicine, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay

Memorial Medical Center
Neurofeedback and Hemoencephalogram, Brain Enhancement Center, Singapore

Joey Atayde, DMT

Psychotherapist & Dance Movement Therapist

M.A. Dance/Movement Therapy,

Pratt University, New York, NY, USA

Jan Pauline Amatorio, RPm

Center Manager & Neurofeedback Technician

Licensed Psychometrician

B.S. Psychology, Laguna College

Neuropsychology, Centre of Excellence

Mary Grace A. Iglesia, RPm

Admin Coordinator & Neurofeedback Technician

Licensed Psychometrician

B.S. Psychology, Pamantasan ng Cabuyao
Neuropsychology, Cent
re of Excellence

Cheyenne P. Butuyan, OTRP

Occupational Therapist

Licensed and Board Certified Occupational Therapist

B.S. Occupational Therapy, University of Perpetual Help System Laguna

Christopher Joseph Hernandez, OTRP

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Licensed and Board Certified Occupational Therapist

B.S. Occupational Therapy

University of Santo Tomas

Patricia Rosabelle Q. Roño, SLP

Speech Pathologist

B.S. Speech Pathology

University of Santo Tomas

For appointments and inquiries, please contact: +63 919 896 5491 / +63 945 527 8090